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February is the right time to become a Stone Trust instructor

Stone Trust instructors who earned certification in 2018

Learn to teach with other wallers in this two-and-a-half day course (indoors! In 2018, only the photo happened outside.) Whether you have immediate plans to teach, or just want to get better at communicating with and training your employees, this course teaches invaluable communication skills. Add a DSWA-GB certified instructor credential to your professional portfolio and become eligible to teach dry stone walling at The Stone Trust.  The Stone Trust is actively looking to increase the number of instructors available to teach workshops.

To qualify to take this instructors course you must meet all three requirements:

  • Be a DSWA-GB Level 2 Certified waller
  • Be a current member of the DSWA-GB
  • Be a current professional member of The Stone Trust

We invite existing instructors (who are pro-members) back to share their experiences and refresh their teaching skills. There is nothing better than spending a few days with fellow wallers!

This workshop will take place in Dummerston and/or Brattleboro from February 3 through 5.

The registration deadline is Jan 25, 2020.  The Stone Trust is the only place outside of the Great Britain to offer this course, and we do not offer it every year. Don’t miss this important opportunity!

Register here.