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What does a beginner waller need?

Whether you’ve registered for, or just completed, one of the Introductory workshops, or you’ve decided to tackle a home walling project, this pack affords you the basics tools and instructions to get started in the right direction. The products in The Beginner Walling Pack were thoughtfully selected for beginning wallers by experienced wallers.

Brooks & Adcock’s extensive handbook on dry stone walling, often referred to as the “bible” by wallers, covers every topic related to proper dry stone walling. It’s a starting point and must-have for beginners.

Next, you’ll need to shape and split stone to fit into your wall. The Bricklayers Hammer and the 3 lb. Masons hammer have you covered at an affordable cost.

The Bricklayers Hammer from Kraft is used to trim, split and shape small stones with ease. Use the square front end for most trimming and the blade for splitting stone along its grain. Works well for shaping irregular flagging. It also makes a handy digging tool for setting foundation stones. This is a great beginner’s stone hammer.

The 3 lb. Mason’s Hammer from Kraft is a basic stone shaping hammer, a great first stone hammer for utilitarian stone shaping. The high quality steel head will need more frequent sharpening than carbide tipped hammers, but this hammer is still favored by many professional wallers and Master Craftsmen. The 3lb weight is comfortable to swing one handed and heavy enough to do some real work.

String is the first tool used by wallers and is still the most important one. You should have the best string which is why Rose Super Tough Mason Line has been selected – the toughest mason line available. It will not fray when cut, or sag in the dew over night. Rugged and tough, it rarely breaks when pinched between rocks. This high friction line holds basic knots easily.

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