Certification Policies

Certification Policies

Test Pricing

Pre-Test – $150 for the first pre-test. $75 for each additional pre-test

Level I – Initial Certification $350

Level II – Intermediate Certification $425 (applicants must have Level I Certification)

Level III – Advanced Part A (Features) $445 (applicants must have Level II Certification)

Level III – Advanced Part B (Timed Test) $425 (applicants must have passed Level III Part A)

Level IV – Master Craftsman Certification Part A (Features) $400 (applicants must have Level III Certification)

Level IV – Master Craftsman Certification Part B (Timed Test) $480 (applicants must have passed Level IV Part A)

Off-site tests for Level III and Level IV features will need to be arranged directly with the DSWA and Examiners. The Stone Trust currently only handles on-site tests.

To register go to our upcoming certification tests and select the test day you want then go through the online registration process

Test Policies

All test candidates should read and understand all of the following policies:

  1. Respect the shared environment;  no yelling or screaming.
  2. No smoking or chewing tobacco in or around buildings.
  3. No alcoholic beverages or recreational drugs.
  4. No dogs or other pets.
  5. No person under the age of 13.
  6. Do not take anything from the barn.  All literature must stay in The Center.
  7. No profanity.
  8. No public music allowed.
  9. Do not enter any other barns other than the apple packing barn for restroom use.
  10. Do not throw anything into the pond.
  11. All participants must be registered and sign the waiver before beginning the workshop.
  12. No non-working, non-enrolled person on the worksite.  Visitors may be greeted outside or away from the worksite.
  13. Wear heavy hiking shoes or boots.
  14. Wear protective eyewear while building or rebuilding walls.
  15. No throwing or tossing any stone more than 6” in any direction!
  16. Be respectful of the shared working environment.
  17. Any person who continues to show unsafe work practices, after warning, may be required to leave.
  18. The Certification Plan application Form and payment must arrive no less than SIX WEEKS prior to the test date.  Please remember to sign the form.  Checks should be made payable to The Stone Trust.
  19. Candidates must arrive on time.
  20. At all levels, all work must be the unaided work of the candidate.
  21. Candidates should ensure their attire and conduct throughout the test are in the best interests of their safety and the safety of others on the site.
  22. All involved with tests should behave in an appropriate manner throughout.
  23. Candidates should not take a test on a section of wall that they have previously worked on.
  24. Once the test is completed, the score is determined to pass or fail.  After which the candidate and examiners sign the mark sheet for submittal to the DSWA.
  25. If desired, the examiners will discuss and review the mark sheets and test wall with the candidate after all tests are completed.
  26. The DSWA will issue certificates to successful candidates, usually within four weeks of the test.
  27. Where a candidate fails to achieve the marks required to pass a test, examiners must clearly indicate areas of weakness to the candidate, if requested by the examinee.
  28. At all levels, a period of three months is advised before a candidate applies for a re-test.
  29. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure Certification Examination requirements are understood.
  30. Candidates who wish to have their dry walling skills examined for certification should read and fully familiarize themselves with the certification information on The Stone Trust’s website.
  31. The Stone Trust highly recommends that all Level I and II candidates take a Pre-Test.
  32. Test Days require a minimum enrollment.  If the minimum enrollment is not met a full refund of test fees, will be issued.
  33. If a certificate is lost or damaged, replacements can be obtained from DSWA, at a cost determined by the DSWA (currently about $50).
  34. Appeals: Any appeal made against a test result must be submitted in writing to the Stone Trust within two weeks of the test date.  Full details must be given and any appeal must be accompanied by a fee of $250, which would be refunded if the appeal is upheld.

Refund Policy for Tests

If The Stone Trust cancels a Test Day:

  • Full refund will be paid to all enrolled candidates.

If a candidate cancels:

  • More than 60 days prior: 100% refund less $40 fee.  Test may be transferred to another person for a $30 fee.
  • 60-45 days prior: 50% refund.  less $40 fee.  Test may be transferred to another person for a $30 fee.
  • Less than 45 days prior: no refund.