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Pair of Wallers Improve Walling Skills at Cheek End Intensive

Most Stone Trust workshops start with an existing stone feature whose structure students study before dismantling the wall (wall end, steps/stairs) and rebuilding it using time-tested techniques. Over the course of the almost fifteen years of Stone Trust training, instructors have determined this teaching method to be the most effective and efficient.

The Cheek End Intensive, however, teaches wallers to build the wall end from the ground up, reason being that is what wallers need to do in real life. Stone Trust waller-teachers designed this course especially for those wallers intending to achieve Level 2 Waller Certification to demonstrate their professional skills within the walling community and to the buying public. The workshop stands as one of the offerings for people working their way onto and up the certification pathway. Certified waller-teachers describe the Level 2 test as a hurdle. To understand what the test entails and how to prepare for it, read:

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A few words from site champion and instructor Jordan Keyes:

The Stone Trust Central Valley hosted its first four-day Cheek End Intensive workshop at the host site, the Vermont Granite Museum in Barre, Vermont. Between intermittent summer rain showers, two cheek ends were deconstructed and improved by a pair of talented wallers. This relatively new curriculum affords each waller the opportunity to hone their walling skills, learn key cheek end building practices, and receive practical batter frame constructing and stone shaping technique.  During bouts of occasional inclement weather our small group was able to spend time touring the Vermont Granite Museum and Stone Art School, where sculptor Chris Miller is preparing the fabricated granite elements for his next installation.

A big thank you to Jordan Keyes for the effort you put into preparing the site and running this workshop. Your time and dedication is essential to the success of the Stone Trust Central Valley.

Thank you to both wallers who came to the four-day workshop, committing your time and energy to furthering your walling skills and preparing for Level 2 Waller Certification, globally recognized as the professional standard. The Stone Trust strives to prepare wallers as much as possible for the difficult Level 2 Test through courses like the Cheek End Intensive. You two have improved your own walling abilities while also supporting the Stone Trust to advance and preserve the art and craft of dry stone walling.