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Stone Trust, PA Hosts First Ever 4-Day Cheek End Intensive Workshop

The Level 2 Certification Test has been a major hurdle for those trying to climb the certification ladder. It is a big step up from the Level 1 Test. Over the years, we have encouraged folks testing for Level 2 to practice building at least ten cheek ends, with four of those being timed. This amount of practice can be difficult to achieve, so the Stone Trust decided to create an intensive workshop that would help people prepare and get feedback in practicing for a Level 2 Certification test.

Like the Contractor’s Intensive for Level 1, the Cheek End Intensive provides wallers with learning experience in building a cheek end, as well as a practice test with feedback. For this November workshop, four wallers came to the Stone Trust, PA to learn all they could about what it takes to pass a Level 2 test. One waller came from Virginia, a dry stone enthusiast who has taken many Stone Trust workshops to expand his knowledge. Three professional landscapers from Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes came from Maine to work towards adding Level 2 certification to their credentials. Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) Level 2 certification is globally recognized as the professional standard of walling. It is also the certification required to become a Stone Trust instructor. It is exciting to have more wallers passionate about securing their position in the professional waller community.

As this was the first Stone Trust Cheek End Intensive, feedback from the wallers was especially valuable. Instructors Kim and Jerry Coggin took this feedback in stride to prepare for the next Stone Trust, PA Cheek End Intensive at the end of February. One of you said their instruction was “clear and understandable” which is always a great thing to hear. Thank you to both Kim and Jerry for doing such a great job with the first Cheek End Intensive and for your continued willingness to help wallers along the certification ladder.

For wallers looking to learn more about the Level 2 Certification Test, you can refer to our website, or read articles such as “Leaping the Level 2 Hurdle” by Master Craftsman Brian Post.