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Cheek Ends–A significant building challenge to learn!

Level 2 Wallers will tell you that mastering the cheek end is a much bigger challenge than most people expect. Your Cheek Rebuild workshop was a first step. Beyond that, you practice, practice, practice. We’ve heard said that you need to build at least ten vertical wall ends, some in the company of more advanced wallers, if you wish to build with the understanding, skill, speed, and efficiency of those who’ve demonstrated their competence by passing a Level 2 test.

It takes continuing to build a lot of wall faces, too! Good thing the two go together.

Thank you for coming to the Stone Trust New Hampshire to advance your understanding of how to build a lasting dry stone wall. With your knowledge you help preserve the art and the craft.

Thanks, too, to Sam Brakeley for traveling to share his knowledge with you. People handing along the know-how keep the tradition of dry stone walling alive!