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PA Cheek End Intensive Prepares Three More Wallers for Level 2 Test

At the end of February, the Stone Trust PA taught another round of the Cheek End Intensive. This four-day workshop is designed to prepare wallers for the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) Level 2 Waller Certification, globally recognized as the professional standard. It is a demanding test with substantially higher expectations for fit and finish. This course is organized to help you understand the scoring criteria and assure that you are ready to pass the Level 2 Test.

This is the second Cheek End Intensive run by the Stone Trust PA. So exciting to see such an increase in wallers preparing to advance to professional waller status! As you each develop your skills in the craft, you play a bigger role in helping to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling. Your support for the Stone Trust mission is especially evident at this particular workshop, as each of you intends to become a Stone Trust instructor able to teach at the training site near your home–one from Pennsylvania, one from New York, and one from Minnesota. Thank you for taking advantage of this test preparation opportunity.

Kim and Jerry Coggin, both Level 3 Certified Wallers, joined in to wall alongside the participants to help them learn through demonstration as well as instruction. With the Level 2 test being a true hurdle in the certification scheme, it is beneficial to have such knowledgeable wallers building alongside you.

Again, we saw the benefits of the Stone Trust, PA barn, which protects wallers from the weather. Throughout the week, there was some sun, but quickly it turned into windy and cold weather. With the wood stove inside, all participants could stay warm and make the most of the learning environment.

If you are looking to take this workshop, you can come to the Stone Trust Central Valley in Barre, VT for a Cheek End Intensive from June 6-9.