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Congratulations to Six New Level 1 Initial Wallers!

Folks came from near and far to the Contractors Intensive just at the Stone Trust training site just outside Nashville. One came from Montana to learn how to build new walls to match existing stone walls built 140 years ago on his property. Another came from California with lots of handy experience from a childhood spent doing projects with his father. Two men came from North Carolina, one a landscaper/hardscaper, the other with a project of his own in mind. And one Tennessean planned to build on training he’d experienced some years ago.

All of these men passed the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) Level 1 Initial Waller test on day five of the five-day workshop. Congratulations! The professional landscaper has added to his product portfolio and burnished his professional profile. Smart! For most of this workshop’s participants, certification is gravy–proof of their ability to build a structurally sound freestanding wall to Level 1 standards within the seven hour test period. Most came to learn as much as possible in a short period of time, so they can return home to complete their own projects with skill, efficiency, and confidence. Two even stayed over to learn even more in this week’s  Walling Skills Intensive! That’s all about building vertical wall ends and upping your game in terms of fit and finish.

We hear that everyone had a great time! Thanks to instructors Martin Beevers and Seth Harris for sharing what they know about dry stone walling. Thanks to Jared Flynn for examining the candidates’ test stints. And thanks to everyone for making the trip. We all appreciate the time and effort it takes to travel.