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Certification Success at October Contractor’s Intensive in Minnesota

A few words from instructor and site champion, Dan Peterson

We had a great autumn week for the second Contractor’s Intensive workshop in Minnesota.  The weather was a change from last year with no snow, and pleasant temperatures in the high thirties in the morning and into the low sixties by afternoon with lots of autumn colors.  Four participants from the Upper Midwest participated in the five-day event working towards their Level 1 certification. On test day a few extra wallers worked towards their Level 2 certificate.  Four new Level 1-certified wallers and one Level 2-certified waller joined the dry stone walling community!

I find the participants’ questions and passions for stone at these workshops inspiring. I also look forward to working with all of the participants at future events, and am thrilled that the individual who passed Level 2 wants to become a certified instructor. What a help for building the local-regional walling community!

I want to send a great thank you to Brian Post for traveling to Minnesota to assess the participants.  The feedback given to the candidates is always useful and appreciated by all who are involved with these events.  A thank you to Chris Gagnon and the rest of the staff at Northland Landscape Nursery for continuing their support of the Stone Trust by providing the space and some of the stone for the event.  I am looking forward to the next workshop here.


From the Stone Trust, a big thank you to Dan Peterson for facilitating a “fantastic experience that was fun and educational.”


For those of you looking to take a Level 2 test next year for the first or second time, it’s hard to overestimate the challenge of moving up to Level 2 Waller certification. Stone Trust professional members call it “Leaping the Level 2 Hurdle.” Walling Skills Intensive workshops are designed to help you understand what you need to know to achieve the globally recognized professional waller status. At this level you can feel confident in the quality of service you provide to your clientele. You can also join the pool of Stone Trust waller-teachers. Give yourself the information you need to plan for testing success and the boost you need to grow your business. Each intensive is open to four aspiring wallers. Ensure your success by registering here.

Minnesota will host another test day next year on October 11, 2024 depending on interest. There will be a Level 1 Test Prep workshop and Level 2 Test Prep workshop on September 7, 2024 to allow you a month before test day. Please be in touch with the Stone Trust so that we can support you in your progression towards Level 2 Certification.