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Building Walls and Friendships at the NH Contractor’s Intensive

From Stone Trust NH site champion and instructor, Pete Ryder:

Eight enthusiastic folks from around New England came to Mont Vernon for the 5-Day Contractor’s Intensive, a week of walling instruction that concludes with a Level 1 Waller Certification test. By 10:00 Monday the wall was on the ground and the fun began.  The team built the wall, new skills, and new friendships over the next two days.

Wednesday morning, all showed up ready for a practice test. The test format requires that each student builds the best wall they can in the time available. This exercise highlights the decision process and rewards good walling fundamentals. All survived the day and returned Thursday for a half day of stone shaping fundamentals and an in-depth exchange about the business of walling. The light physical load enabled all to recharge for the Level 1 Certification test on Friday.

Friday morning – Test Day! Four additional candidates came to join us along with the day’s assessor,  Michael Weitzner. In an action packed seven and a half hours, 85 feet of wall came down and went back up. Several interested spectators came by to marvel at the steady progress and incredible industry of the twelve wallers. At the end of a busy day, all twelve had achieved a passing score for their Level 1 Certification. Congratulations!

Thank you to all of you who presented as candidates for Level 1 Waller Certification on Test Day. Your success places you firmly in the Stone Trust walling community. Through your demonstrated knowledge and skill you are helping preserve the art and craft of dry stone walling.

Thank you, too, to Pete Ryder for teaching another successful Contractor’s Intensive. With this week-long course, you commit time to make sure the site is ready for the course. You also dedicate that week to building knowledge, skills, and relationships, as well as ensuring students pass the certification test.

Thank you, also, to Michael Weitzner for assessing on test day. As one of a handful of Master Craftsman-Assessors for the Stone Trust, you are essential to the continued success of dry stone wallers in North America.