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Historic Rebuild Walling Workshop (2-Days)

Open to both introductory and experienced wallers!

Set on a 200 acre property of field and forest, this is a fantastic location to learn the craft of dry stone walling. The property includes active farm fields, actively managed forestland, trails, a beaver pond and wetland, and even a waterfall. There are fantastic views in nearly every direction. A truly beautiful Vermont landscape. Actively farmed for over 200 years this property is near the heart of the historic village of Eureka (now gone), which was the first village within the town of Springfield. The site features 1000’s of feet of historic dry stone wall that will begin to be repaired in workshops.

This workshop is suitable for everyone. No experience is required and there are no prerequisites. Introductory participants will be working on a straight section of wall. Experienced stone workers or those that have taken one or more workshops will work at a section that includes building a wall end (cheek end).

Upcoming Walling Days: