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Bridge Site Prep

This workshop will spend the day getting ready for the bridge building. We will be finishing excavating for the foundation, setting in foundation stones, building and placing the form work, and other tasks needed to get ready to build a bridge. This is the workshop where you will really get to see all the components laid out and learn math behind the design and more.

In this workshop we’ll construct the foundation, abutments and form. You will understand design choices related to the surrounding soils, intended bridge use, and site constraints. You will learn and practice techniques for safely moving large stone. You will also build the abutments and wing walls. The final stone work for this workshop will be shaping and placing the springers. You will also learn techniques for constructing the arch form. The day will culminate with placement of the form.

Required Prerequisite Courses:

1-day walling workshop, or 2-day walling workshop, or hold DSWA-GB certification (any level).
Stone shaping workshop, or bridge stone shaping workshop

Recommended Prerequisite Courses:

2-day wall workshop working on a cheek end
Site prep for wall workshop
Stringlines and Batter frames workshop

Pair this workshop with the One day introductory walling workshop August 25th at the same site.

Upcoming Bridge Site Prep Workshops: