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Small Arch Workshop

This workshop is intended for those wallers looking to take their stone work to the next level.

Everyone loves Arches! This course teaches the fundamentals of dry stone arch building. We will be working with real stone of varying types to build arches up to several feet in diameter.

Required Prerequisite Courses:
One day walling workshop, or 2 day walling workshop, or hold DSWA-GB certification (any level).

Recommended Prerequisite Courses:
Stone shaping workshop, 2-day wall workshop working on a cheek end

Pair this workshop with the bridge stone shaping workshop on June 17th in Mont Vernon, NH.

Register for just this workshop or take it as part of the bridge building workshop set that includes this workshop and all of the following: stone shaping workshop, small arch workshop, bridge site prep workshop, the stone bridge tour, and the bridge building workshop! Signing up for the set saves you $100 off the list price of taking all 5 workshop in the set independently.

Upcoming Small Arch Workshops:

Small Arch Workshop (1 Day, Outdoor) – June 16, 2018 (Scott Farm, Dummerston, VT)

Learn the fundamentals of building dry stone arches. This course will focus on building arches up to 3 feet in diameter. Work with natural stone to create artistic and structural builds.