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Cris-cross wall: localized style of old wall

I was up in the Randolph & Brookfield VT area and noticed a localized walling style in the old field walls and even some large foundation walls (which I sadly did not get a photo of).

The local bedrock seemed to be naturally splitting away into long narrow strips of stone.  In the field walls most were 2 to 3 feet long.  In other walls they could be more than twice that.  Imagine building a wall entirely of through stones.

The syle that seems to have resulted is a course laid one way (as through stones) followed by a course going the other way (traced) and repeat.  The traced stones are then off set by course so that they make contact with the neighboring stones oriented the same way.

Walls seemed to be built this way wherever this stone was predominant.  I fascinating local style.  I need to return and get some better photos. Pictured here was one semi-tumbled section I cam across.

-Brian Post