Custom Workshops

Custom workshops are a range of workshop options outside of our regular offerings.  These can include workshops at your site or one of our training sites.  We offer custom workshops for three primary audiences as described below.

Company Employees:  Landscape, Masonry, Historic Preservation, etc. 

Have a crew that needs to learn walling?  We can help.  Choose to bring your crew to one of out training facilities, or we can send instructors to your business location, or even an active project.  Click here for more info

Stone Suppliers, Non-profits, Schools, and other organizations:

Have training and education as part of your mission?  Want to educate your customers on working with the stone you supply? We can work with you to host a fantastic special workshop. The workshop can be at one of our training sites or we can send instructors to you.  The Stone Trust can handle registrations for participants and work with you on the promotion. Click here for more info.

Private workshops for homeowners

Have a group of friends or relatives that are interested in learning to build?  A custom workshop may be right for you.  Workshops can be arranged at one of our locations or your property.  If your goal is learning this is a great option.  For this type of custom workshop we do not advertise or handle individual participant registrations.  Click here for more info.

Workshop vs. Construction

While a workshop can result in a nice section of wall, if your primary goal is to have a wall built (or rebuilt), we recommend you hire one of our professional members to build the wall for you.  The Stone Trust is an education based organization.  Not a construction contractor.  Hosting a workshop gives no grantee of the quantity, structural quality, or appearance of the wall.  Many locations are not suitable for teaching workshops and the costs of hosting the workshop are often similar to that of hiring a contractor build the wall.  However, for those looking to learn walling, custom workshops can be an excellent choice.