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David’s Ultimate Stone Talk on YouTube

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David F. Wilson came to our attention through Joe Dinwiddie, the most recent guest on his You Tube channel. There, David writes, “… the craft & trade have long noble traditions the time when they were ubiquitous has passed, the skills and knowledge are under threat like at no other time in human History. This gives those interested in preserving the skills an opportunity to reimagine the who, the what and the how so that it thrives rather than dies. Art & creativity should be central to this. Continuing my conversations with stone people is an attempt to stimulate debate (David’s Ultimate Stone Talk, December 8, 2020, retrieved February 15, 2021).”

Listen to David and Joe discuss how to preserve the world’s stone heritage by widening the understanding of what a stone structure can teach. Joe is a font of knowledge – broad and deep – and passionate commitment to extending proper dry stone walling methods, sharing the diverse world heritage, and drawing connections among humanity’s fields of knowledge, cultural frameworks, and ways of knowing and learning. Watch Joe Dinwiddie: Education, Education, Education.