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December Waller of the Month: Hilary Dees

HILARY DEES (Colorado) started working with stone on trails in 2012 and has traveled and worked across New England and the West, specializing in utilizing rigging systems to quarry and move stones at remote job sites. In recent years she has shifted her focus to teaching and training, specifically working with trail crews to incorporate traditional dry stone techniques into the trails trade. Hilary is a DSWA-GB certified Level 2 waller and instructor.

FEATURED IMAGES: A project on Mt. Sanitas, a popular trail in Boulder, CO that receives over 130,000 visits a year. In 2018 the majority of the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks crew obtained their level 1 certification with the DSWA-GB and applied those fundamentals to this job, increasing efficiency, safety, and the structural integrity of this project.

PHOTO BELOW:  Rigging system to transport stone.