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Underway! The Second Annual Derbyshire American Training Program

Eight American wallers arrived in Manchester, England on September 2, ready to achieve Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) certification. They have finished their first week of training during a two-week intensive walling course led by Master Craftswoman Sally Hodgson with support from Master Craftsman Trevor Wragg, both highly respected figures in the walling world with many years of teaching experience.

Again this year, the Yanks brought plenty of sunshine with them, along with good nature, vim and vigor. So far, the experience feels cohesive and kind of fun!

In case you’re interested in experiencing the program next year:

We asked Sally, “Why do I think an American stone enthusiast should come over to Derbyshire to do dry stone walling? What do I think they would get from the trip?”

Sally answered, “To be immersed in the history and environment of dry stone walls, whilst studying and training in this traditional art, is inspiring. There is so much to see and experience in Derbyshire relating to the craft, and all–excuse the pun–a stone’s throw away!

The geological make-up of the dark and white peak, makes this a rugged and interesting landscape, and as we are in the Peak District National Park, there is beauty, history, and culture in droves everywhere

The trip hopes to optimize your potential as a dry stone waller, and through our teaching practice we hope to be a conduit for your success.”

Keep you eyes open for an announcement…