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A Guide to Local Dry Stone Structures

Many of you may know that on the grounds of The Stone Trust Center at Scott Farm in Dummerston there is a Walling Park with beautiful and interesting dry stone structures at varying levels of craftsmanship. Certainly worth taking a walk through the park, especially now that the weather is turning to summer.

But did you know that there are several wonderful dry stone structures in the surrounding area of Dummerston? Photos above show the Wilder Cemetery arch and the rebuilt enclosure at the Town Pound. These sites are publicly accessible and built by local wallers. You can drive from one stone feature to another; some right by the road, others require a short walk.

We’ve published a map of their locations to make them easy to find. You can visit the features anytime during daylight hours on your own. If you’re planning a trip to take a workshop at The Stone Trust Center, schedule some time to include a tour to see these structures as well.

Find the Dry Stone Structure Map on our website under About, The Stone Trust Center,  also available as a printable pdf here.