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Ecology of Stone–May 5, 2023

Friends of the Stone Trust increasingly explore the ways dry stonework creates positive impacts on the landscape–urban, rural, and suburban. Reduced carbon emissions, habitat creation to protect biodiversity, water management, durable, culturally apt transportation infrastructure… Please be in touch with your thoughts regarding “dry stone as a resource in a contemporary approach (”

Modern Crevice Gardening

Stone Trust Board Member Jim Wood expresses particular interest in the value of dry stone walls to protect species diversity in urban areas. Thanks for connecting friends of the Stone Trust groups who can teach you about the relationships between plants, animals, and stone structures.

Jim says:

Who could say no to having these little gems growing out your “living” dry stone wall?

Photos below come from the Modern Crevice Gardening Facebook Group. You can join this private group that describes itself as “Devoted to the friendly international sharing of ideas about Crevice Gardening, the sub-set of Rock Gardening which really puts the “cliff” into “garden!”

The Stone Trust recently joined the Association for Preservation Technology International, so we can keep you informed about opportunities like this one:

Eagle Hill Institute
Steuben, Maine
August 6—12, 2023
In this seminar, we will study the physical, chemical, and ecological relationships between lichens, biofilms, and stone. APT members receive a 10% discount.


Jim notes, “This workshop in Maine could be really useful to educate wallers about bio growth on stone…walls included. If clients of wallers were tuned in to desiring living stone walls, there could be a greater demand for wallers to build a wall that is prepared for future bio growth.”

Whether you are a professional waller or a hobbyist, maybe you’ll go!