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The Stone Trust Entry-Level Professional Pathway Scholarship

What is the change The Stone Trust wants to see in the world?

We want people in communities across the continent to be able to preserve the stone work that exists as part of their cultural heritage. We also want them to build durable, energy-efficient stone work into their contemporary landscapes. And we want people to earn sustaining livelihoods in the process.

You can download the application here

How can The Stone Trust realize this vision?

Our world needs many more dry stone masons in order to accomplish this two-fold vision. The Stone Trust is clear about what steps we need to take to make it happen:

We need to continue to bring new people into the profession.

We also need to help professionals advance through increasing levels of mastery of the craft–from Level 1 Initial certification to Level 2 Professional to Level 3 Advanced to Level 4 Master Craftsman.

In order to meet both of those objectives, we need to build a broad and deep instructor pool.

All of our instructors bring Dry Stone Walling Association Level 2 Professional Certification to their teaching, along with years of experience building dry stone walls and other features into the landscape. A smaller number have achieved Level 3 Advanced Certification. Eight certified Master Craftsmen work in North America. These are the men qualified as examiners for Level 1 and Level 2 certification tests. We’d love to help some women join that group!

Creating a Tool Kit

The Stone Trust Entry-Level Professional Pathway Scholarship is the first of several tools we are devising to help accomplish our vision. This tool helps people think through their why’s and wherefore’s as they develop a thorough map of the steps they envision taking to accomplish Level 2 Professional certification and get a glimpse beyond. We have written it to help you think through where you want to be, who can help you get there, and what the route is likely to cost.


Our very wise and generous board has provided $5,000 of initial funding. A very generous donor added $5000 to support the initiative, half of which is designated to fund women entering the trade. At present we can offer $10,000 of scholarship support to people seeking to enter the trade. We expect a competitive process.

How can you help?

You can apply for a scholarship! By learning and mastering the art and craft of dry stone walling, you support The Stone Trust mission and vision. We can’t do the work without people who know how to design and build with dry stone. Nor can we do the work without skilled craftspeople trained and experienced in teaching others.  Please download the application here.

We welcome your financial contributions to The Stone Trust Scholarship Fund. Please use the Notes box to designate your contribution to the scholarship fund. Feel free to call 802-952-8600 or email with questions and comments.


Thank you, as always, for supporting our work to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.