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Events and Items of Interest, January 20

The Yorkshire Dales Presentation

Stone Trust Professional Member Andrew Pighills shares information about a popular event that he offers in February. Find information and register here.

Nature Revisited: The Podcast

Long time gardner and producer of Nature Revisited Stefan von Norden was in touch last week to let us know about his interview with professional member Dan Snow. Listen to Episode 14: Dan Snow–In the Company of Stone. Remember, too, to scroll through the entire 32 episode archive for other luminaries who highlight the relationship of human beings to the natural world–“not a place one goes to, but rather a place one is already a part of – that We Are Nature.

Participant Submissions

Duncan Murphy, Stone Trust board member and proprietor of Fox Hill Landscapes, LLC in Dover, New Hampshire learned the basics of dry stone walling at a 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling in September 2020.

Last week he shared with us how he has used what he learned since then:

“A picture of my first pro stone wall project. I have a ways to go before I can consider myself a waller, but it was an amazing learning experience…said another way don’t zoom in too close :-). We did the wall and the fire pit area back left.”

Duncan Murphy at 2-Day Intro
Wall by Duncan Murphy