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Events & Items of Interest, December 8, 2021

Canadian Architect Awards Jury Highlights Saugeen First Nation Visitor Centre & Cultural Centre

A Stone Trust friend who keeps an eye on relevant social media posts sent this link regarding the dry stonework built into the Saugeen First Nation Visitor Centre & Cultural Centre. See images of work by Saugeen First Nation stone masons and Dean McLellan Stonework.

Latest Episode from Nature Revisited: The Podcast

Richard Louv is a non-fiction author and journalist best known for his seventh book, ‘Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder’, which investigates the relationship of children and the natural world. In this episode of Nature Revisited, Stefan asks Richard to revisit the central topics in this notable book within the context of today’s cultural landscape of climate crisis, pandemic, loss of biodiversity, and human isolation.

Last Child in the Woods book:

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Why listen to Nature Revisited?

Our friend Stefan van Norden discovers compelling stories about people connecting themselves and others to the natural world in which we live. Over the course of the past two years, he has interviewed a remarkable collection of luminaries across a range of human endeavor. Stefan’s guests reflect deeply on topics ranging from the famous gardens of Monticello and Brandywine to portraying nature in paint from the confines of a prison cell. From fly fishing to homesteading to the Appalachian Trail to poetry and philosophy in nature, you can hear thought-provoking conversations from people viewing life on Earth through focused and sometimes unexpected lenses. Each reminds us that we are part of nature.

Stefan and his team have produced over fifty episodes in the past two years! Recently we listened to Episode 50: Paul Hawken — Regeneration, a compilation of practical ways to address the urgent need to protect the future of our planet within one generation. Please listen!

If you haven’t already listened, we also recommend Episode 47: The Stone Trust. Or listen again!

We hope you’ll listen, too.

Scott Farm and Landmark Trust USA

If you’ve been to the Stone Trust Center in Dummerston, Vermont, you’ve been to our host site, the Scott Farm, a historic property preserved by Landmark Trust USA. Together we share the mission of preserving and revitalizing our historic landscapes and cultures.

Thinking about what to give your loved ones this holiday season?

Be sure to put a Landmark Trust USA Gift Certificate at the top of your list! Our properties have earned the reputation of offering not just a vacation but an experience to be remembered and cherished forever.


The Scott Farm viewed from road