Upcoming2.10 Historic Wall Rebuild (3-Day or 2-Day option) – August 19, 20 & 21, 2022(Nashville, TN)

Learning to build dry stone wall
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2.10 Historic Wall Rebuild (3-Day option) - August 19-21, 2022(Nashville, TN)show details + $595.00 (USD)  
2.10 Historic Wall Rebuild (2-Day option) - August 20 & 21, 2022(Nashville, TN)show details + $515.00 (USD)  

  • 2.10 Historic Wall Rebuild (3-Day or 2-Day option) - August 19, 20 & 21, 2022(Nashville, TN)
    August 19, 2022 - August 21, 2022
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - 3-Day course attendance

Open to everyone. Up to 16 participants.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 19, 20, & 21, 2022 – $595

Two Day Option – Sat & Sun August 20 & 21 – $515

The Site and Stone:

The Stone Trust, in conjunction with the Hunterwood Home Owners Association, will be repairing a section of Civil War-era dry stone wall on Manley Lane in the Brentwood area of Nashville, Tennessee. Here you can learn dry stone walling while working to rebuild historic dry stone walls.

Brentwood is an area that boasted a large number of dry stone walls constructed in the European tradition, utilizing vertical copes, often doubled across the width of the wall and slanted to one side. Many of these are now in a bad state of repair and have been for some time. The wall on Manley Lane is owned by the Hunterwood Home Owners Association. With their kind permission and partnership, we have the opportunity to restore an area of the original wall to leave as a lasting monument to a craft that has largely died out in Tennessee.

Join us to build a 90′ by 5′ wall from the remains of the existing wall. This is the first of three separate 3-day workshops throughout 2022, the first of which takes place in April. A second is scheduled for August. We will schedule the third as needed. Whichever session you choose, plan to work with other participants to complete a 30′ section

For both introductory and experienced wallers.

This workshop is suitable for everyone. No experience is required and there are no prerequisites. Introductory participants will be working on a straight section of wall. Experienced stone workers or those that have taken one or more workshops will work at a section that includes building a wall end (cheek end).

Workshop Format:

In this dry stone walling workshop you learn how to go about rebuilding a historic dry stone wall. The workshop runs from 9 – 5 each day, with a break for lunch at noon. The instructors will use a variety of visual teaching aids, discussion, and hands-on demonstrations.

Friday will focus on the needed preparation for building a wall. Come participate in conversations about sourcing and selecting stone to use. Help prepare the foundation. You will learn to sort the stone for maximum benefit, and to shape and split stones into useful sizes and shapes. You will also learn how to set up batter frames. Enjoy learning from and working alongside the instructors.

Knowing how to efficiently build sturdy batter frames and understanding how to use string lines are two of the trickiest aspects for many dry stone wallers. During site prep day, you will experience both in detail.

On Saturday and Sunday you’ll focus on building the wall. How can you make the best use of the available stone? You’ll learn to set foundation stones, work with guide strings, build the first lift, place throughstones, build the second lift, and set cope stones.

Each of you will work on your own area of wall to work on from start to finish, with instructors actively helping along the way. Workshop participants typically each build about 35 sq ft in a fun supportive environment. Some stone shaping will be done as a part of this workshop, but the emphasis will be on building with the stones you have.

This workshop is perfect for the homeowner, landscaper, mason, or enthusiast looking to start learning about how to build dry stone walls, or to improve your skills.

Over the course of the two days each participant will build about 35 sq. ft. of wall (one side), using either round field stone, flat ledge stone, or a mixture. Introductory participants will learn all the basics of structural walling, plus so much more, while building a straight section of free standing dry stone wall. Experienced participants will work on building a wall end, also known as a cheek end. The knowledge taught in this workshop can be applied to any type of stone and dry stone walling project.

The two day format gives more time questions about your specific projects, learning stone shaping basics, and even splitting stones using feathers and wedges.

Images from Friday – Site Prep Day

Images from Sat & Sun – Walling Day

Workshop with completed wall

Learning objectives for this workshop:

  • How to assess an old field wall for rebuilding methods
  • How to set up a site for efficient dry stone walling
  • How to build and set up batter frames and string lines
  • How to prepare a sturdy foundation for dry stone walls
  • How to efficiently sort and lay out stone to speed up the building process
  • How to build a stone wall using a mix of typical field stone
  • How to use guide strings for an even finish
  • How to build build efficiently
  • Know how to build all parts of a standard wall
  • Know the basic rules of walling
  • Know how to assess good and bad walls
  • How to do some basic shaping of stones

About The Instructors: Martin Beevers and Robert Faraone

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laces-vertical-yellowLicensed Landscape Architects can receive 22.5 LA CES credit hours for attending this 3 day workshop! These workshops make a great break from the office and you will come away with an incredible knowledge base about dry stone walls that can be applied directly to your projects!

Beautiful Vermont Farm Land at the Workshop Site
This workshop will take place at the far end (where it looks like a rock pile) of this wall built by the previous workshop.


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