ExpiredPostponed: 4.70/5.20 Curved wall & Cheek End Feature Build (10th Aniv. Part 1)

  • 4.70/5.20 Curved wall & Cheek End Feature Build (10th Aniv. Part 1)
    Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 9am to 5pm each day.
    April 1, 2020
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

This  event is being rescheduled.

Join us in the completion of the 900 foot Historic Dutton Farm Wall!

Come and join us for completing the Dutton Farm stone wall, of which 900 feet have been rebuilt over the past 10 years through Stone Trust workshops.  This will be run as a combined 5.20 Feature Build course for those with less experience, and a 4.70 Walling Day for those who are already Level II or higher DSWA-GB Certified.  This is a spectacular opportunity to learn about building curved walls and Cheeks in a fun and supportive environment right alongside of professional wallers.

We are asked about building curved walls, but this the very first time we are teaching the techniques used in a hands-on workshop.  Over the course of 3 days participants will rebuild the two curved “wing” wall sections on either side of the orchard road entrance opposite the historic Landmark Trust USA owned Dutton Farm House.  Each section will be finished with a cheek end (wall end) by the gate.

The stone used will be the field stone from the historic wall, a mix of local ledge and glacial till, along with a mix of supplementary stone, including some granite.

In 2010 the Stone Trust started restoring the Dutton Farm House field wall in partnership with the Landmark Trust USA.  Join us in the completion of this historic effort as the final 100 linial feet get rebuilt in just 3 days.

Many workshop participants, instructors, and volunteers have spent thousands of hours preparing and rebuilding 900 lineal feet of wall over the past 10 years.  This is the final effort of restoring this beautiful wall.  We need you to help make it happen.

Located a 2 minute drive or 10 minute walk from The Stone Trust Center this quiet country dirt rd with amazing easterly views of NH will be the setting for the two large cheekends that tie into 70 feet of curved freestanding wall and 40 feet of curved retaining wall.

Wing walls and Cheek ends to be restored in this workshop

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Part 1 of 7 of our 10th Anniversary Events!

Wing wall before brush was cleared
Brush cleared and ready for rebuilding!

Selecting the correct ticket:

4.70 Advanced Walling Day:  This ticket is only for individuals who are already certified DSWA-GB Level II (Intermediate) or higher.  This allows skilled wallers to return and experience the wonderful camaraderie of building alongside other skilled wallers.  The curved walls and retaining wall portion provide a perfect opportunity to gain skills and knowledge needed for Level III (Advanced) certification.   The nominal fee covers the three days of walling and includes lunch.

5.20  Feature Build Workshop.  This ticket is for anyone who has taken at least one walling workshop.  Don’t Let the course number scare you!  This will be an in-depth learning experience, covering the key elements of building curves, check ends, and retaining walls.    At least one prior walling course required as a prerequisite.  An excellent course for those pursuing Level II Certification.  Lunch is included for this workshop.

Dutton Farm Wall after brush removal, before rebuilding
Workshop rebuilding old field wall in Vermont
Restored Dutton Farm Wall

About The Instructors:

Jared Flynn

JARED FLYNN is a native Vermonter who’s passion is the preservation of Dry Stone Walls. As a founding member of the Stone Trust his efforts have supported Dry Stone enthusiasts and professionals with access to all things related to Walling.

Brian Post

BRIAN POST, a Certified DSWA-GB Master Craftsman and Licensed Landscape Architect, started building walls at age 10…


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(Register for each part separately using the links below)


May 20 – 22:  Curved Wall and Cheek End Feature Build Workshop.   Wed – Fri, 9am-5pm each day.  Run as a combined 5.20 Feature Build Workshop and 4.70 advanced walling day for certified wallers.  Team up and learn loads! Some course requirements required.

May 23 & 24:   Slate Sphere Feature Build.  Sat & Sun, 9am-5pm each day.  Run as a combined 5.20 Feature Build Workshop and 4.70 advanced walling day for certified wallers.  Team up and learn loads! Some course requirements required.

May 23 & 24:  1.20 Two-day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling Course.  Sat & Sun, 9am-5pm each day.   Learn how to build dry stone walls and be part of the excitement of the 10th anniversary events.  No experience needed.

May 25:  Tour of local stone features.  Sunday, anytime.  Take a self guided tour of local dry stone walls, features, and more!  Take a map with you and enjoy the day.


Friday, May 22, 7 – 9pm. 10 Years of The Stone Trust Celebration Evening.  Join us at the Scott Farm Apple Barn to celebrate 10 years!  Mingle with wallers, supporters and volunteers. Hors d’oeuvres and camaraderie in a casual setting.

Saturday, May 23, 6 – 9pm. Rock Your 10!  Sixteen 10 minute presentations of work by professional and amateur wallers and stone workers.  Take to the stage yourself, or just come and watch.  While you watch, enjoy TJ Mora’s Paella and more!

Sunday, May 24, 7 – 9pm.  A Conversation with Dan Snow and Whitney Brown. Join us for a delightful evening presentation in the form of slide shows and back and forth dialog with two dry stone wallers, artisans, and authors. This event is a joint fundraiser between the Latchis Arts and The Stone Trust.