Expired5.20 Feature Build Workshop (3 Day, Outdoor): May 14-16, 2021 (Dummerston, VT)

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  • 3-Day Workshop: Feature Build (May 14 -16-2021)
    May 14, 2021 - May 16, 2021
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Certified Instructors, Master Craftsman lead instructor.

Up to 5 participants.

See below for prerequisites for this course.
This workshop is for those with prior experience.

Looking for more information and hands on experience building arches, stiles, corners and more? Our most advanced workshop of 2020 is for you! Instructors guide participants through the building of several features relatively common in modern landscaping and also included in the DSWA-GB Master Craftsman test.

As part of this workshop we will be building several arches, a square or round corner, and a squeeze stile.  We’ll introduce you to the concepts and techniques for constructing each feature. Each participant will work on their own feature.  You may choose to focus on the feature you prefer by selecting the correct ticket below.  Space and options are very limited.  All participants will be involved with the discussion and theory of all the features being built, but the hands on time will be on your chosen feature.

Over the course of 3 days, participants strip down an existing feature and/or a section of wall. With instructor guidance on structurally sound building, students will add an arch, a squeeze stile, or a corner.  The build will be with predominately level-bedded ledge stone with a mix of rounded glacial till and some granite.

Learn to build structurally sound and attractive features that comprise part of the DSWA-GB Master Craftsman test.  The three day course length may limit our ability to build the features entirely at a passing level of fit and finish.  We will, however, discuss the requirements for the features of a test piece in detail.

This makes this a great workshop for anyone thinking about becoming a Master Craftsman, or interested in more advanced features.

This workshop follows the typical workshop format.  It runs 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day with a 1/2 hour lunch break.

This workshop is only for those who meet with previous workshop or Certification experience.  If you have questions about your qualification please get in touch.

The minimum prerequisite course(s) is ONE or more of the following:

  • 2.10 Historic Wall Rebuild
  • 1.20 2-day Introductory AND 2.50 Intro to stone shaping
  • 2.40 2-day cheek rebuild workshop
  • 2.90 Level 1 (or higher) DSWA-GB Certification

Check out The Stone Wall Park at The Stone Trust, where this workshop will take place:

Master Feature: Dry Stone Squeeze Stile
Squeeze Stile built by workshop participants

Landscape Architects receive 22 credit hours for taking this workshop through the LA CES system.

Arch Feature:  3 Participants

Each arch participant will build their own arch spanning  2 to 3 ft.  All of the principles of arch construction are scalable and can be applied to bridges, moongates and more.  Arch construction requires special attention to understanding the forces involved, stone section and shaping.  understanding how to build and remove a form is essential too.  Arches have been used functionally in walls to span streams and animal passageways for 100’s of years.  In landscape construction they are often used as visual focal points and artistic detail.  There is no doubt that dry stone arches are eye catching!

Arches built by workshop participants

Squeeze Style:  1 Participant

Stiles are a functional farming feature, allowing a farmer to easily pass through a wall while preventing livestock from doing the same.  In essence a squeeze stile is a narrow gap which in its most basic form is can be two cheek ends built with a gap between them.  But squeeze stiles can be built in a variety of ways, incorporating functional and artistic elements like steps, baffles, shelves, and more.    In the modern landscape squeeze styles are great focal points, and can be used to form short cuts and even secret paths.  The skills involved can be applied to many other feartures, from round or square cheek ends to mounting plaques or feature stones in a wall.

Master Feature: Dry Stone Squeeze Stile
Squeeze Stile built by workshop participants

Cornner: Square or Round:  1 Participant

Corners abound in dry stone walls.  From forming a return in a retaining wall to corner of property boundry wall.  Corners are a common feature in dry stone walls.  Most are built as ‘square’ corners where long stones are laid something like Lincoln logs – tying the planes of the wall together.  Rarely seen, but exciting to those who find one, are round corners.  Built as a very sharply curving wall, they were historically common in only a few areas which lacked suitable stone for building square corners.  Round corners combine the challenges of building a curve with the complexity of a corner.   While it may seem understated to anyone who is not a walling enthusiast.  Those who have built one know it can be a real challenge.   The participant building this feature will have a choice to build either a round or a square corner (but not both).   Either way, expect a lot of string lines and stone shaping to accomplish the task!

Building a corner takes a lot of stringlines and planning ahead!

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at an advanced feature this is the workshop for you!

If needed, detailed directions for registering online are here.

*Please note if you encounter errors or problems while registering please email info@thestonetrust.org or call (802) 952-8600, so we can correct the problem, and improve our registration process.

About the Instructors:

Martin Beevers

MARTIN BEEVERS (TENNESSEE) grew up in Derbyshire, England in the heart of a countryside crisscrossed by miles of dry stone walls. These ancient walls are still very much a working part of rural life and tradition.

Brian Post

BRIAN POST, a Certified DSWA-GB Master Craftsman and Licensed Landscape Architect, started building walls at age 10…


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707 Kipling Rd, Dummerston, Vermont, 05301, United States


Located on Scott Farm, The Stone Trust Center is home to North America’s only indoor dry stone walling training and certification facility.  Outside is the Master Feature Park with all the features that can be used in the Advanced and Master Craftsman tests.  There is also a mini walling park where visitors can practice stacking small stones at table height.

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The Landmark Trust USA has 3 restored historic homes available as places to stay. The Sugarhouse sleeps 2, the Kipling Carriage House sleeps 4, and the Dutton Farm House sleeps 8 people. All of these places to stay are with in a mile and a half of the The Stone Trust Center.  If coming with a group please check for availability.