ExpiredBridge Stone Shaping Workshop (1 Day, Outdoor) – July 15, 2018 (Mont Vernon, NH)

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  • Bridge Stone Shaping (3 of 3) 7/15/18
    July 15, 2018
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Certified instructors Brian Post and Jared Flynn.

Up to 12 participants.

Open to those who have taken at least one walling workshop (or are certified Level 1 or higher)

This workshop will spend the day learning how to shape stones for use in an arched bridge.  Specifically making the voussoirs (tapered stones forming the arch). Both hand and power tools will likely be demonstrated and used.

This stone shaping workshop will focus on making the stones needed for the bridge build in September.  However, these techniques can be applied to all kinds of stone shaping and walling. The assumption is that participants taking this workshop already know at least the basics of dry stone walling. This workshop will delve into stone shaping and to a much greater level of detail than workshops that focus on wall building.

Participants will start with raw quarry material and shape all of the components to the bridge. Attendees will get instruction and practice in breaking and splitting large stone, chisel and hammer techniques for refined shaping, and the use of power saws to accelerate difficult shaping tasks. At the end, you will have built voussoirs, builders, and copes. You will be comfortable using hammer and chisels, and you will have developed an eye for matching stone to purpose. There are three of these workshops. Attend one to achieve familiarity with the components of a bridge and the techniques used to shape them. Attend all three to more fully develop competency and be ready to take on your own project from bulk quarried stone.

Required Prerequisite Course:

  • One day walling workshop, or 2 day walling workshop, or hold DSWA-GB certification (any level).


You can also take part in this workshop by signing up for the Bridge Series Package Deal.  Which includes tall of the following: stone shaping workshop,  small arch workshop, bridge site prep workshop, the stone bridge tour, and the bridge building workshop!   Signing up for the package deal saves you $250 off the list price of taking all 5 workshops in the set independently.

Note there are 3 bridge stone shaping workshops.  They are all the same, and the bridge workshop set includes just one.  However if you would like to do additional bridge stone shaping workshops you can do that by signing up for those separately.

Bridge site - grassy farm road with old culvert which will be replaced with an arched stone bridge

This workshop is intended for those wallers looking to take their stone work to the next level.

*Please note if you encounter errors or problems while registering please email Brian Post or call (802) 490-9607, so we can correct the problem, and improve our registration process.


*Please note if you encounter errors or problems while registering please email Brian Post or call (802) 490-9607, so we can correct the problem, and improve our registration process.

About The Instructors:

Brian Post

BRIAN POST, a Certified DSWA-GB Master Craftsman and Licensed Landscape Architect, started building walls at age 10…

Jared Flynn

JARED FLYNN is a native Vermonter who’s passion is the preservation of Dry Stone Walls. As a founding member of the Stone Trust his efforts have supported Dry Stone enthusiasts and professionals with access to all things related to Walling.


2 Lamson Road, Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, 03057, United States


Work on rebuilding historic walls and adding new stone features to this historic Southern NH Property.  This is the site of the 2017 bridge build.  Field stone from the property and quarried ledge stone are both used on this site for training.