ExpiredInstructors Certification Course

  • Instructor Certification Course
    March 6, 2018 - March 8, 2018
    9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Up to 18 participants. Taught by Steve Jonas. $775

This two-day and a half day certification course teaches how to teach.  The mornings are spent in a lecture/discussion format.  In the afternoons, participants will take turns doing mock mini teaching sessions.  The final morning we will go over everything used for teaching The Stone Trust.  This will include setup, tools, storage locations, handling retail sales, and clean up.  Even if you dont plan to teach at The Stone Trust, you will find that seeing everything we have developed will be helpful where ever you teach.  This course is tremendously informative and fun.  It is a must have for anyone planning to teach dry stone walling (or any other topic for that matter).

To qualify to take this instructors course you must meet all three requirements:

  • Be a DSWA-GB Level 2 Certified waller
  • Be a current member of the DSWA
  • Be a current professional member of The Stone Trust

Even if you don’t have immediate plans to teach, there is great value in learning the communication skills taught, and it is another important credential to have as a professional waller.

Steve Jonas is a professional educator, who also taught this course several times for us in the past, and is an excellent instructor.

There is nothing better than spending a few days with fellow wallers!  This workshop will take place in Dummerston and/or Brattleboro.

By attending the course, you will become a DSWA certified instructor (there is no test to pass, you just have to attend).  This year we are also inviting existing instructors back to share their experiences and get a get a refresher of the information.

The registration deadline is Feb 1st. The Stone Trust is the only place outside of the Great Britain to offer this course, and we do not offer it every year. Don’t miss this important opportunity!

Once you take this course you will be eligible to teach dry stone walling at The Stone Trust.  The Stone Trust is actively looking to increase the number of instructors available to teach workshops.

If you encounter errors or problems while registering please email Brian Post or call (802) 490-9607, so we can correct the problem, and improve our registration process.


Venue Phone: (802) 952-8600

Venue Website:

707 Kipling Rd, Dummerston, Vermont, 05301, United States


Located on Scott Farm, The Stone Trust Center is home to North America’s only indoor dry stone walling training and certification facility.  Outside is the Master Feature Park with all the features that can be used in the Advanced and Master Craftsman tests.  There is also a mini walling park where visitors can practice stacking small stones at table height.

Click for Directions and Transportation information.

The Landmark Trust USA has 3 restored historic homes available as places to stay. The Sugarhouse sleeps 2, the Kipling Carriage House sleeps 4, and the Dutton Farm House sleeps 8 people. All of these places to stay are with in a mile and a half of the The Stone Trust Center.  If coming with a group please check for availability.