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Exploring an Old Granite Quarry

Laurie Sullivan came to a dry stone walling workshop a few years back and while there showed us pictures of the old quarry on her property.   It took a few years but we finally got to take a look.  It is a great example of a small stone quarry.  Hundreds if not thousands of these quarries were operating in the 1800’s.  With the invention of Portland cement and concrete, as well as increased mechanization and population decline, most small quarries closed by the early 1900’s.  This quarry is thought to have operated until about 1880.   Among other factors, the stone apparently did not have the qualities that were sought.

Most of the metal hardware from a swing derrick used for lifting and moving the blocks of stone remains in place, though the wood mast and boom have long since rotted away. Old quarries are fascinating places to visit.  The scale of the work done without power tools, even at a small quarry like this one is impressive.

Quarry from on top of the stone pile!