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Fairfield PA Carmelite Monastery Guesthouse Complete

As many of you know The Stone Trust played an active role in the building of one of the 1st buildings at the new Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Fairfield PA.  Our role began with design consultation, and progressed to dry stone wall training, certification, and on site quality assessment throughout nearly the entire 4 month build.

Over the course of the project nearly 40 people attended workshops, about 25 people gained certification at Level 1 and three people successfully moved on to Level 2.  Seth Harris (DSWA-GB Level II, instructor, and Stone Trust Pro Member) served as the on site quality consultant as well as one of the instructors.  Well over a dozen wallers, masons, and those new to stonework, worked form July – mid November to complete the project.

As part of the training several sections of free standing dry stone wall were also built and used for the certification tests.

The build featured a wide mix of stone types from the surrounding counties as well what was right from the site itself.   The solid masonry walls were built with hydraulic lime mortar.  The goals for the project included building for the long term with the idea that the building would be there for 100’s of years.  There was also the idea for nothing to be hidden and for the beauty to come from the simple use of natural materials and fine craftsmanship.

It was a challenging project to be sure, but the results speak for themselves.  A very well done job!

Photos taken by Seth and Cherie Harris