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Fairfield, PA Carmelite Monastery Project

A new monastery is being built in Fairfield PA (South Eastern) for the Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph; Fairfield, PA. This group of Carmelite Nuns, is seeking the construction to be built with the guiding principles of authenticity and simplicity. The plans call for many structural stone buildings to built. This year, with basic site work already done, is the first year of building the buildings, which is commencing with several of the smaller structures. Various stone-working organizations and individuals, have been called on to lead certain buildings or other aspects of the project.

This year The Stone Trust was asked to play a consultation and education role in a building known as Guest Cottage 1. It is a stone cape type building approximately 26′ x 36′. The Stone Trust has now been contracted to provide consulting on the design and structural details of the building. Train local craftspeople in traditional stonework, provide consultation and quality assurance throughout the construction, and aid the general contractor in finding additional qualified stone wallers to be part of the workforce needed to build this building. We will be providing more information going forward, but a workforce of about 16 will be needed for 3 to 4 months starting at the beginning of July. Certified wallers can be part of the project for parts of that time, and training, as well as two DSWA certification days are planned as part of this project. The building itself will be stacked structurally as though dry, but will include lime mortar in the core of the wall to provide air sealing, and a pest barrier.  Stay tuned for more info.

About the Project and Monastery

Plan for the Guest Cottage
Mock up of intended wall structure on site