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Certifying as a Waller Is No Mean Feat!–Fall Test Days 2021

DSWA Certification Test Day, September 2021

It takes brave souls to test their walling skills against the Dry Stone Walling Association’s Craftsman Certification Scheme. Each of you fit training into busy lives full of work, family, friends, community obligations, celebrations and losses. Some of you drove 2000 miles, others 400. A few of you live relatively close to the Stone Trust Center. Whatever your circumstances, the effort that you are making to embody the traditional craft of dry stone walling matters to you and to us.

Over the course of two days, eighteen men and women presented themselves as candidates for Level 1 Initial, Level 2 Intermediate, and Level 3 Advanced Waller certification. Here’s how the results fell out:

  • Of six Level 1 candidates, examiners awarded passing marks to five people, four men and a woman.
  • Of nine Level 2 candidates, examiners awarded  passing marks to five men.
  • Of three Level 3 candidates, examiners awarded a passing mark to one woman.

In sum, ten of the eighteen passed.

For those who did not pass, examiners recommend a lapse of three months and a re-test. Spring 2022 test days are scheduled for May 23 and September 22 and 23. We’ll be in touch with you to offer support between now and then. Thanks very much for making a concerted effort!

Congratulations to all of you who have joined the ranks of wallers certified through the Stone Trust!

Level 1 Initial Wallers: William Belliveau, Vermont; Ree Davies, New York; Joel Derrick, North Carolina; George Harrar, New York; Brett Robicheaud, Rhode Island

Level 2 Intermediate Wallers: Trevor Bickford, Vermont; Benjamin Garcia, New York; Gabriel Dark, Massachusetts; Todd Hoffman, New Hampshire; Steve Sclar, Maine

Level 3 Advanced Waller: Kim Coggin, Pennsylvania–THE FIRST FEMALE ADVANCED WALLER IN NORTH AMERICA! Way to go, Kim!

Thanks very much to examiners Chris Tanguay, Michael Weitzner, and Brian Post for bringing Master Craftsman and DSWA-Certified Examiner expertise to the two days, as well as supportive attitudes and objective eyes. Thanks to Dan Morales-Walsh for providing site coordination and to Judy Rand for volunteering. Thanks to everyone who brought good wishes to test days!