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February Waller of the Month: Matthew Norton

MATTHEW NORTON (Colorado) is currently a Level II DSWA builder. Born in New Gloucester, Maine and currently resides and operates in the Durango, Colorado area of the Southwest United States as Durango Dry Stone LLC. Matthew has been working professionally with stone since 2010.

FEATURED IMAGE (Above): Perched on a windy north-facing ridge above the Animas River Valley in Colorado, the Kiva Fire feature walls serve as a windbreak for everyone enjoying the fire, as well as the fire itself. The feature was built during the summer of 2018 at a residence in Durango using Colorado-harvested Lyons Red Sandstone.

Photo below: Kiva fire feature interior. The natural stone fire pit was sculpted by hand out of local Animas Valley red granite.

To learn more about Matthew and his company, Durango Dry Stone, click  HERE.