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Flagging / Patio Workshop on April 7th enjoyed by all!

The Flagging / Patio Workshop started with the fundamentals. Then participants dismantled the existing patio and practiced laying stone for a new one. Over the course of the day 14 participants built over 300 sq ft of patio using a variety of materials.  Take a look at the photos from the day!  Brian Post and Benjamin Maron were the instructors, and had a great time working with everyone!

Here’s what participants felt were some of the strongest aspects of the workshop:

I learned the importance of base preparation and the skill of dressing the stone to fit the flagstone together.”

“I really found helpful the lecturing parts of the class to learn the fundamental principles.”

“Nice balance of lecture and hands-on experience, along with knowledgeable instructors.”

“Flexibility in being able to work with different materials.”

Flagging workshop group photo