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Learning to prepare the base and lay the stone at our July Flagging/Patio workshops

As is usually the case, you brought a range of experience to our July Flagging/Patio workshops, from none to self-taught to related courses in stone work to the professional day-to-day. Your groups included eight men and three women working from 9 to 5 on two separate days to learn how to prepare the base and lay stone for flatwork projects. You discussed how to properly drain different sites, when and why to use different varieties of fabrics, how to use lines and levels, handling and shaping stone, and managing your work sites safely and efficiently. And you applied what you learned from instructors Torben Larsen (July 9) and Ben Maron (July 11) in our outdoor classroom at The Stone Trust Center in Dummerston, Vermont.

Virtually all of you reported a high degree of confidence in your ability to build on the basic knowledge you acquired as you continue to work on the projects you have planned. One person suggested creating a two-day version of the flagging/patio workshop. Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll take it under advisement.

The Flagging/Patio workshop is offered as part of The Stone Trust Medley Weekends, designed to allow people traveling from afar to garner as much learning as you desire in just one trip. Our next Medley Weekend takes place in October at The Stone Trust at Broad View Farm in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.

Above: July 9 Flagging Workshop (Top of Page: July 11 Flagging Workshop)