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How to split a boulder!

Have you ever wondered how you work with boulders when building a stone wall? This great video demonstrates how you can split a boulder using feathers and wedges.

In our upcoming Historic Rebuild Workshops in June, you’ll learn everything from stone splitting to the basics of dry stone wall building to building Galloway walls and wall ends. These workshops are held at The Stone Trust training site in Springfield, VT, which is old farm land, conducive to teaching how to rebuild old walls on your own property.

You’ll feel the satisfaction that comes from taking a dilapidated wall and rebuilding it into a beautiful, enduring farm field wall.

Learn more about the Historic Rebuild Workshops.

Historic Rebuild Workshop intended for contractors in historic restoration, masonry and landscaping

The 2 day format:  June 12 & 13 (Wed, Thurs)

This workshop is being held in conjuction with the Vermont Preservation Institute and is intended for contractors in historic restoration, masonry and landscaping, but it is open to everyone.  It will be a little faster paced and work stations will be little shorter than with the 3 day version.  Some of the stone sorting and other prep work also may be done ahead of time.

Historic Rebuild Workshop for Everyone!

The 3-day format: June 14-16 (Fri, Sat, Sunday)

This workshop is best for people who like a little more time to learn and a little more space to work.  It is the most in-depth workshop we offer going from a stone pile to a finished wall.  This workshop is ideal for everyone from total beginners to Level 1 certified wallers.

The 3-day format – last two days only: June 15-16 (Sat, Sunday)

This 2 day option allows people who cant get week days off to still come and learn.  The batter frames will be up, the stone will be sorted, and everything is ready to build. It is a great