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Revised 2020 Course Schedule

2020 Revised Schedule as of April 1st 2020

Lend me the stone strength of the past and I will lend you

The wings of the future…

–Robinson Jeffers, To the Rock That Will Be a Cornerstone

Dear Members and Friends of The Stone Trust,

We are pleased to share with you our revised schedule of courses. Using the best information we can get about the likely progression of the coronavirus, we have rescheduled spring workshops to the summer, beginning in July.

Brian has worked thoughtfully to create as complete a set as offerings as possible, taking into account three primary goals:

  1. We want all of you who so generously allowed us to credit your tuition towards future workshops to find a workshop date that meets your needs.
  2. We want all of you who are pursuing certification to have the support you need to pass the certification test.
  3. We want to accommodate people’s desire to engage in multiple learning opportunities with less travel.

For many if not most of us, COVID-19 introduces an unfamiliar and discomfiting level of uncertainty, if you will excuse the understatement. We manage the uncertainty by using the best information we can find to keep each other safe. We also make educated guesses. We are guessing that governors will determine it safe to lift stay home orders before the end of June. We hope to see you at a Stone Trust workshop in July, August, September, or the fall.

Protect yourself, protect others, keep well!

Amy-Louise Pfeffer, Executive Director


In stone we trust.