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Curtis Gray

CURTIS GRAY (Massachusetts) was running a lawn mowing business shortly after graduating high school. One day a gentleman from Conway, Mass called and said “I would like some help building a stonewall”. Curtis simply replied “I don’t do stonework”. Well luckily the gentleman persisted. While working with his (to become close friend and mentor) he picked up many techniques to building a sturdy New England stonewall. That gentleman and that project started something in Curtis that would encourage him to further his education in the stonewalling profession.

He now has a well earned portfolio behind him. He is an active member of The Stone Trust in Dummerston VT. Which is a not-for-profit with the mission to preserve the art and craft of dry stonewalling. He is certified level II (there are four levels) with the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA-GB)as well as holding an instructor certificate with the DSWA-GB. He has worked on many projects over the years with homeowners, landscape designers and other dry stone masons to create the best possible work for his clients.

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