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Dean McLellan

Dean McLellan

DEAN MCLELLAN began his life with stone at a very early age working on removing stone from the fields with his grandfather in Lafontaine, Ontario.  He used horses then and a stone boat to pull the stones to the semi-permanent walls on the farm.  The walls would be built with the understanding that the stones would come off when needed for the construction of structural barns, homes, fireplaces or other walls.

Dean spent time at university and playing volleyball, but found his way back to the stone between and after school.  He has a passion for structure in stonework and the restoration of old mortared buildings as well as newly constructed dry stone ones.

Dean has had the opportunity to travel extensively in North America and Great Britain.  He greatly values the chances he has had, to work with some of the best stone wallers and his involvement with the DSWA of Great Britain has been very rewarding.  Dean continues to promote the craft in Canada and is set on holding numerous large scale events which always involve a charity of some sort!

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