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Instructors Certification Course

Up to 18 participants. Taught by professional educator John Kerrick. $625 You must be a current member of the DSWA – GB to take this course!

This two-day certification course teaches how to teach.  It is not a stone working course.  The mornings are spent in a lecture/discussion format.  In the afternoons, participants will take turns doing mock mini teaching sessions.  This course is tremendously informative and fun.  It is a must have for anyone planning to teach dry stone walling (or another topic for that matter).

Even if you don’t have immediate plans to teach, there is great value in leaning the communication skills taught, and it is another important credential to have as a professional waller.

There is nothing better than spending 2 days with fellow wallers!

By attending the course, you will become a DSWA certified instructor (there is no test to pass, you just have to attend).

The registration deadline is March 1st. The Stone Trust is the only place outside of the Great Britain to offer this course, and we do not offer it every year. Don’t miss this important opportunity!