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Some ready to build, others want more time, especially on stringlines

You hail from New England and for the most part came as DIYers with a love of stonework and gardens. Most of you went home feeling confident that you can apply the five basic rules of dry stone walling on the projects you have in mind.

  • You understand how and why to avoid running joints to build structural durability into your wall.
  • You know how to “heart” thoroughly, pinning each stone so it doesn’t shift.
  • You learned how to build to the line, so the face of your wall rises smoothly towards the eventual copes.

Several of you would have liked more time setting stringlines. Others would like more guidance on creating a safe, efficient workspace. Please be in touch to talk about how to access that instruction.

Thanks very much for coming to begin learning the traditional craft of dry stone walling. We appreciate your help preserving and advancing the tradition.

Thanks, too, to waller-teachers Ron Neil and Russell Autrey for sharing their expertise. It takes a lot to master the two sets of skills!