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An Enthusiastic Group of Wallers Come to Learn in Pennsylvania

This past weekend, twelve wallers joined a two-day introduction to dry stone walling workshop at the Stone Trust, PA. Two more experienced people came to a cheek rebuild workshop.

Many of you came from relatively nearby–Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and Virginia. A few of you traveled afar–from Colorado and North Dakota. While most of you had limited experience working with stone, a couple of you have had years of experience. Such a pleasure to gather a group from quite different locations and backgrounds!

As a group, you came to the Stone Trust prepared, having read up on materials and formulated your ideas of how to use the information you expected to learn at the workshop. Many of you mentioned wanting to learn more about different types of regional stone walls and rock. The Introduction to Stone Shaping workshop is the best option for you to learn about how to work with and shape different types of stone.

The Stone Trust, PA also hosted a cheek rebuild workshop with two participants from Vermont and New York, both already certified as Level 1 Wallers. An Entry-Level Professional Waller came to build another one of the roughly ten cheek ends she will need to complete in order to pass her Level 2 Waller test in September. Unfortunately, the other waller had to leave for a family emergency. We look forward to seeing you at a future workshop to learn how to finish your wall when it comes to an end. Building a wall end to a high level of fit and finish stands as the essential skill to become a Level 2-certified waller.

Thank you to Kim and Jerry Coggin for sharing your years of experience and passion for dry stonewalling. Participants had only the nicest and most appreciative of comments after spending the weekend with you, saying “They are wonderful at what they do and facilitate an excellent class environment where all levels feel accommodated.”