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Learning New Skills at the Stone Trust, PA

“I learned a ton and it’s really fed my excitement for stonewalling.”


Six wallers learned new skills at the introduction and cheek rebuild workshops at the Stone Trust, PA last weekend.

The introduction class consisted of five individuals from the Mid-Atlantic. Three of you are based in locations less than 2 hours from our Pennsylvania site near Pittsburgh. We are so excited that we can provide a site so close to you!

Most of you had no experience building with stone before, but you left feeling confident in your new abilities. You learned about the five basic rules of dry stone walling and got an introduction to the types of equipment used on a stone wall. One of you mentioned that you are excited to learn more about retaining walls moving forward. We are looking forward to seeing what you do next with the skills you learned this weekend.

The cheek rebuild workshop had one participant who was determined to take what she learned at an introduction course in January and expand on it. After learning how to build the middle of the wall, you decided to learn how to finish your wall ends. It is so exciting that in just a few months, you now have the knowledge to build a stone wall from end to end!

Thank you to Kim and Jerry Coggin for continuing to provide a warm indoor barn where you can teach workshops no matter the weather. Even when the county had a power outage, you provided light and warmth for your participants.