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Successful End to Tennessee 2023 Season

A few words from site champion, Martin Beevers

A great turn out for the final two workshops of the year down here in Tennessee.

Eleven folks from North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Virginia and most encouragingly, five from the great state of Tennessee. Which means the word must be getting out locally, that there is a cool little Stone Trust workshop site just outside of Nashville.

We had two participants building their first ever cheek end. Mother and daughter team, Lori and Sarah, made a great effort with tricky Tennessee sandstone.

For the two-day introductory workshop, the group of nine novices had the difficult task of getting a tune out of a Tennessee limestone fieldstone from Lewisburg. It’s not regular enough to course, but not quite irregular enough to build completely randomly. It tested everyone and I think they can all be proud with the results. The weather held up nicely. As we move into winter, I would like to thank all the participants for making the season close with a really enjoyable weekend.


Tennessee will start the 2024 year off with a Contractor’s Intensive on February 26th for those of you looking to become Level 1 Certified.

Thanks to everyone for traveling to learn the craft of dry stone walling. Thank you also to Martin Beevers and Stew DeVaney for a wonderful weekend. What a great finish to the Tennessee workshop year!