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Intro to Walling: August 21 & 22, 2021 (VT)

For the first time since March 2020, we were able to host a workshop in the Stone Trust’s Indoor Training Center. On Saturday, that kept all sixteen participants out of the hot sun. The foundation of the 1862 barn tends to be ten degrees cooler than outdoors. Nevertheless, one person reported being “Hot! Very hot!” That’s August for you, even in Vermont.

Who came to Saturday’s Introduction to Dry Stone Walling? An experienced carpenter who has built dry stone foundations for small outbuildings, a mason adding dry stone work to his portfolio, a Master Gardener whose design work includes integrating stone into landscapes, and someone who creates decorative rock stacks for outdoor railroads. The group included men and women who bring little or no experience, too, as well as those with walls to rebuild that they inherited with their property and stone work to plan into their gardens at home.

People came from nearby Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, and from farther away Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Texas. Everyone reported learning what they came for from instructors Alex Hoffmeier and Rob Faraone.

Thanks to everyone for making the trip! And for taking a step towards preserving the art and craft of dry stone walling.

August 21 Intro

August 22 Intro

On Sunday it was even nicer to be able to use the Indoor Training Center, as Tropical Storm Henri brought periods of rain.

Eight men joined instructors Brian Post and Russell Autrey to learn the five basic rules of dry stone walling. A sculptor came to learn techniques to expand his practice. A carpenter came to learn how to enhance his projects with stone work. People came from New England, New York, and as far away as Asheville, NC, each envisioning walls to build or rebuild, freestanding and/or retaining, perhaps with flatwork and steps in the plan, too.

Again, people said that they learned what they came for. Thanks to you all for making the trip!

You’ll see from the photos that the rise of the COVID Delta Variant inspired both groups to wear masks. Especially in indoor space it is a good idea. Vermont has handled the pandemic cautiously, producing good results. Still, Vermont residents are tending to caution–protect yourself, protect others. Thanks to everyone for supporting that idea by wearing your mask.