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The Stone Trust NH Teaches Beginners and Professionals at June Workshops

At the end of June, the Stone Trust NH hosted a large group of wallers at a 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling Workshop and a Cheek Rebuild Workshop. With twelve wallers at the introductory workshop and a full eight wallers coming to the cheek rebuild, the site was buzzing with excitement. With some tents and plenty of enthusiasm, the wallers endured through heat and bad weather to learn about the basics of dry stone walling. Cheek Rebuild students have learned and practiced the basics already. They are back to apply the basics to building a vertical wall end and to advance their working knowledge of structurally sound dry stone construction.

Twelve wallers came to the 2-Day Intro from around New England, New York, and Pennsylvania. Some had little to no experience, and others had years of experience. Some want to learn how to utilize stone on their property and others want to use these skills to their professional advantage. An introductory course, of which several versions exist, is a prerequisite for most of the Stone Trust workshops. These workshops present a great opportunity to bring together different levels of experience and goals to start the dry stone walling journey. Intro workshops teach you how to build a middle section of a double-face freestanding wall from foundation stones to cope stones on top. Once you have learned the five basic principles, it is then up to you to decide to continue learning with the Stone Trust, practice at home or work, or maybe both.

Eight wallers who have taken an introductory workshop previously returned to learn how to build the end of the wall, a cheek end. Some of them have already earned their Level 1 Certification. They have demonstrated proficiency and speed in building the middle section of a wall. Now, they want to learn how to build a wall end and how to do it well. The cheek end is the section of wall that would be tested as a part of the Level 2 Certification Test, which is considered the professional standard of walling.

The Cheek Rebuild workshop included landscape professionals working for Site Structures Landscapes in Maine. Site Structures Landscapes sent a group of employees to improve their professional walling skillset. People who are not walling professionally also attended this workshop. They are excited and passionate about learning how to build a dry stone wall from end to end. Stone Trust workshops do a great job of serving all sorts of groups and interests in terms of professionals and hobbyists, beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Thank you to all who came to these workshops to take these skills to whatever projects you may have at home or work. Thank you for making the commitment to learning a traditional skill despite the weather. Your support allows the Stone Trust to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.

Thank you to site champion and instructor, Pete Ryder, for all of your effort. Your participants wanted to thank you for taking the time to teach and for allowing them to ask as many questions as they needed, while providing accurate and helpful information.

Thank you to Michael Papile and Jordan Rowell for teaching the introductory workshop. Your group said that you were personable, knowledgeable, and “top-notch.” Thank you both for taking the time out of your schedules to share your experience with the Stone Trust.