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Deep-Diving into Dry Stone Walling at the Stone Trust, PA

The Stone Trust, PA held simultaneous workshops–Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and Cheek Rebuild–at the end of June. Just two people attended, allowing both participants to get one-on-one instruction and answers to their questions. Instructor Jerry Coggin described the weekend like this:

For a small group it was interestingly intense, from the perspective of the personal interaction, number of well thought-out questions, and ability to spend some time deep diving on the answers.

This setup also made for the perfect match for participants to learn from each other. One came all the way from Colorado for this introductory workshop. What a double benefit that he could learn from the instructor and the cheek rebuild participant who was completing his fourth Stone Trust workshop. Since both wallers worked next two each other with a middle section of wall next to a cheek end, both worked together to tie the cheek end into the wall. The two-day workshop format allowed for a slower pace and the wallers were able to take their time making decisions and do “excellent work,” as Jerry Coggin said. Overall, this pair of workshops worked to everyone’s advantage and provided a great learning experience!

Thank you to instructors and site champions, Kim and Jerry Coggin, for providing great instruction and feedback. The Stone Trust, PA is really pushing the Stone Trust forward as we work to preserve the art and craft of dry stone walling.