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2-Day Intro and Cheek End Wallers Learning Side by Side

In early March, the Stone Trust PA hosted another successful weekend of workshops with a 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and a Cheek Rebuild Workshop in the barn. It was a busy weekend with seven participants at the intro workshop and a full complement of four wallers on the cheek ends. Even though the weather outside was cold–it even snowed one day– inside the barn, the hustle and bustle kept everyone warm. So good to be able to come out to learn before the weather gets nice, so you can use the good weather to work on your own projects at home.

Two wallers who attended an intro workshop here in January came back to learn about how to finish the ends of a wall. Another cheek-end participant is getting practicing to make sure he is prepared to take a Level 2 Certification Test. Wallers who have passed the test recommend building ten cheeks before you test! The fourth cheek rebuild participant came from Massachusetts, having taken multiple Stone Trust workshops and even worked on the Milton Cemetery wall. For an expert overview on building vertical wall ends and on leaping the Level 2 hurdle, read:

The seven participants at the 2-Day Intro came from all over to learn the five basics of dry stone walling. One came from Virginia, two from DC, two from Michigan, one from Missouri, and one all the way from California. These wallers were all beginners to dry stone walling, making for a great environment to learn and try new things.

Thank you to Kim and Jerry Coggin for another wonderful weekend in the barn. It is a testament to the two of you that you have so many wallers wanting to return to the barn to learn from you again and again. One participant said they appreciate you “giving valuable knowledge and giving it freely. Their knowledge and passion is apparent.”