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Tired and Happy Wallers at the Stone Trust Tennessee

From Site Champion Martin Beevers:

Tennessee decided to skip spring and jump straight into summer for the weekend. With the temperature climbing into the 80’s and much work to be done, we broke out the sunscreen, put up the shelters and rolled up our sleeves.

Really great to have two practically full workshops here in Kingston Springs at the Stone Trust TN. We hosted 12 participants from California, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee. There were nine novice wallers taking their first steps in dry stone walling with the two-day introductory course. Taking down 4 feet of wall and rebuilding it in two days seems a fairly modest undertaking. But in this heat and with deceptively tricky stone, it challenged everybody. No one gave up and for the first time in a while, we finished the weekend with two fully built walls and a group of very tired, but happy wallers.

The cheek rebuild course was a chance for three folks to build on skills already acquired in previous workshops. Cheek ends are a key component to constructing free standing walls, whether you’re a hobbyist or have professional aspirations. For two of our participants, this was the first time they had built one. It’s a steep learning curve, but they all did great jobs.

That’s it until November for Tennessee. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Many thanks to Stew Devaney for co-instructing.