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Building Faces or Ends, an Enthusiastic Group of Wallers Learn Side by Side

In the middle of May, the Stone Trust Center hosted simultaneous workshops of a 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling and a Cheek Rebuild Workshop. With over twenty wallers and four instructors participating in workshops, the site was full of excitement. Two long training walls create the opportunity for large groups of enthusiastic wallers to come and learn side-by-side about building the faces or the ends of a freestanding wall.

People came from across New England, New York and up from Pennsylvania to attend the weekend of workshops. The two men who joined the 2-Day Intro from Pennsylvania thought this workshop would be a great excuse to visit their friend in Vermont and spend quality time together learning a new skill. Most of the introductory workshop wallers came to this workshop with little experience, looking to learn the 5 basic rules of dry stone walling to apply to walls on their property. A few had some informal landscape experience and were looking to get more professional guidance and training.

Four wallers came to the Cheek Rebuild Workshop. They wanted to know how to properly finish a wall end. Some worked in pairs and some worked individually, allowing a more customized experience based on instructor and participant preferences.

Thank you all for spending your weekend with the Stone Trust, preserving and advancing the art and craft of dry stone walling through your education and support. One of you mentioned it was a “great learning environment and camaraderie” and that is thanks to all of you for working together and with positive attitudes.

Thank you to all of the instructors, Dean McLellan, Torben Larsen, Patrick Lemmon, and Sam Brakeley. Thank you Dean for sharing your Master Craftsman knowledge with the group while you were down visiting from Canada to assess certification tests. What a bonus for everyone. One participant mentioned that these workshops have “large groups and a lot of concepts” that you instructors manage so beautifully. They said you made the “wall building educational and fun.”